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Adejumoke Akure

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Mrs. Adejumoke Akure is the CEO of Intelligent Spaces Limited and Partner at Estatelinks Limited. She is currently acting as the “Director of Marketing Communication & Public Relations” of the Association of Facilities Management Practitioners, Nigeria (AFMPN). She was the moderator at the Association’s 2022 conference. The association, AFMPN was incorporated in Nigeria in 2017.

In a professional career spanning over 26 years, which started off in Estate Management , Adejumoke Akure has accumulated extensive experience in Property Management, Valuation, Agency, facilities management, hospitality & hospital operations management, healthcare services management, technologies, training and Audit services.

Specializing in the field of facilities management with a special bias for hospitality, healthcare environments, and other special public use facilities, she has gained recognition and respect, as well as practical experience in hospitality & healthcare centre set up, management, continuous service improvement and customer service in both the hospital & Prehospital spaces, and guest houses.

She has coordinated and supported international quality accreditations such as JCI (Joint Commission International) and COHSASA (Council of Health Services Accreditation of South Africa), she also served as an invited quality auditor for the COHSASA team in Nigeria. She conducts various international medical fact-finding project teams in Nigeria, workshops and seminars and gives presentations with organizations such the Society for Quality Healthcare in Nigeria where she is a quality accreditation surveyor.

Just as 2020 unfolded and the corona virus pandemic struck, she was engaged as an healthcare operations and facility management consultant to support the set-up of the Covid-19 Treatment Centre in Victoria Island ( A 76-bed Centre with10-bed ICU). Upon set up and along with the rest of her team, she managed the Centre and was responsible for both human, facilities and medical resources.

This involvement has earned her special mention in the reputable Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors UK (RICS) with an article in the reputable MODUS Magazine of RICS and her local community.

Adejumoke is a Fellow of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers and a Registered Estate Surveyor & Valuer.

Adejumoke is a passionate outlier with a very creative mind, she spends time in coordinating etiquette & moral clubs for school children as well as business etiquette training in the corporate world.

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