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ISO 41015:2023 Facility Management — Influencing Organizational Behaviors For Improved Facility Outcomes

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  • Post last modified:March 28, 2023

ISO 41015 has been released as a welcome addition the ISO 41000 series of facility management (FM) standards, and is available at: ISO 41015:2023 Facility Management — Influencing organizational behaviors for improved facility outcomes

This project has been the result of several years of work by experts from across the globe, designed to address the needs of the Demand Organization and the desires of the facility occupants.  The standard is written in a continuous improvement format and provides a recommended process to set goals for the FM organization to serve stakeholders, develop an action plan that will meet the goals, then to measure the results of the action plan versus user responses.  A facility improvement plan can then be developed in response to the inputs received, and the process to begin again.

A standard of this kind which seeks to align the benefits and opportunities that innovative FM offers the Demand Organization in a transparent and demonstrable way, has been long overdue. Through ISO 41001:2018 as the FM management system standard and its supporting FM standards on vocabulary, agreements, and developing strategy and policy etc. ISO 41015 brings the practice of FM ever closer to the core business. In this way ISO 41015 not only serves to improve productivity and quality outcomes for end users but also to promote the FM profession.

Thank you to Working Group 5 for their efforts in delivering this important FM standard.

Ted Weidner (USA)

Convenor, ISO/TC 267 Working Group 5

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