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5 Actionable Tips To Use More Renewable Energy

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What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy derived from natural sources that are replenished at a higher rate than they are consumed. Sunlight and wind, for example, are such sources that are constantly being replenished. Renewable energy sources are plentiful and all around us.

Generating renewable energy creates far lower emissions than burning fossil fuels. Transitioning from fossil fuels, which currently account for the lion’s share of emissions, to renewable energy is key to addressing the climate crisis.

Five (5) Actionable Tips To Use More Renewable Energy

ESV. Abimbola Olawale (ANISV, RSV) on his LinkedIn post gave 5 actionable tips to use more renewable energy.

The world doesn’t seem to stop when it comes to consuming energy. As each country experience growth and development as a society, their needs for a power increase to keep up with the pace of its expansion. The process is a natural one. It’s even socially encouraging, but that doesn’t change the fact that it takes a toll on our planet. Here are 5 actionable tips you can follow to make proper use of renewable energy on your premises.

1. Embrace Solar-Powered Technologies
If you haven’t realized it yet the sun is the most powerful energy source in the world and no one can charge to use it. This is why many developers focused on creating technology that makes the best use of the power delivered by the light and radiation offered by the main star in our solar system.

Nowadays, you can get solar-powered vehicles, and solar panels to distribute energy at your home. Such solar technologies can be a bit expensive but as durable as nothing else in the market, plus it is a one-time investment at best!

2. Crowdfund Clean Energy Projects
Many communities are willing togo green and use green energy sources when they are presented with the right project. Most of the time the neighbours just need to see a well-laid plan explaining why using renewable energy sources will be more affordable for them in the long run.

The environmental angle can also be helpful, especially for those homeowners that live close to natural reservoirs and wish to keep the value of their properties by safekeeping the environment.

3. Support The Society of Concerned Scientist
This is an amazing initiative to get businesses and the world to become more educated and use more renewable energy. I am not affiliated with society at all, but it may be one of the most actionable ways to help the environment because they have built up a lot of support and assets.

4. Use Water-Processing Technology
Many households and modern housing projects can make use of this technology torecycle the water sources they use and avoid the unnecessary waste of such vital liquid.

The basic principles of this initiative require investment in processing plants and large tanks that can either be installed on the foundations of your home or at the side of it. Your house will always have clean running water, and you won’t take much from the natural sources near your place.

5. Wind PowerFor Home or Business
Many locations around the world are using wind-powered turbines to generate electricity, and it has become a business opportunity for many entrepreneurs around the world. The plants are easy to install, and the energy is very cheap to produce.

Wind-powered energy has generated an excess of power in certain locations such as China, Germany, Australia and some regions of the USA with these plants selling their overproduced to regular energy plants. The power provided by these alternatives is cleaner than most and very easy on a family budget.

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