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Facility Management Quiz

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It’s quiz time

As a facility manager who oversee a varied tasks to ensure all facilities remain functional, safe and secure to serve the purpose in which they are built for, how much do you know about the facility management profession? FM is an interesting filed.

Test your facility management knowledge with these quizzes.

Facility management standard ISO 41011:2017 deals with which of the following

  • Facility Management – Vocabulary
  • Facility Management – Management Systems
  • Guidance on Strategic sourcing and the development of Agreements


Components of a building envelope are Foundation, walls, windows, doors and roof.

True of False?


PPM stands for

  • Planned Preventive Maintenance
  • Planned Preventive Management
  • Planned Protective Management


The process of carrying out a detailed inspection of a facility is

  • Facility condition assessment
  • Full service agreement
  • Key performance indicator


Classification of FM services. Which of the following contains the most appropriate list of Hard FM services?

  • Mechanical maintenance, electrical maintenance, fire alarm maintenanceand building and fabric maintenance.
  • Electrical maintenance, HVAC, mechanical maintenanceand pest control.
  • HVAC, mechanical maintenance, space managementand security.

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