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Plumbing Systems in Our Homes

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Plumbing plays a very important role in the development and maintenance of the built environment. Plumbing makes it easy for us to cook through gas supply pipes, makes  drinking water accessible, makes it possible for us to have running water in the bathrooms and to also flush down our toilets.

Water Filters

A home plumbing design and installation should effectively allow water to flow to all plumbing fixtures and the equipment needing water and to successfully move waste water away. In case of gas, the plumbing installation should allow gas to get to the appliances needing gas without leaks.

Plumbing fittings

Also, all locations such as kitchen, laundry rooms, bathrooms etc that require plumbing installations can be located close to one another in order to save cost on plumbing fittings. These spaces can be on the same floor or on another floor but above one another.

A home plumbing system should have vents. The vents remove unwanted gas and odor in the waste drain pipes thereby preventing them from entering our homes.

Installation of plumbing systems and fixtures should be carried out by experts. The fittings must also be of high quality. Improper plumbing system installation will cause a great discomfort to building occupiers.

Regular maintenance of plumbing system and fixtures helps prevent a major plumbing problem.


The following are effective maintenance tips

  • Check for water leaks on the plumbing fixtures and make necessary repairs. A defective faucet drips. A broken pipe sprays water. A faulty seal around the valve seat of flush toilet will cause water to run even when it is not flushed.
  • A drain clogs up: Unclog slow drains. A drain should have a full swirl when draining. Don’t flush anything other than toilet paper and human waste down the toilet.
  • For adequate water pressure, keep plumbing fixtures clean and check for leaks. Blockage or leakage of components of the supply system such as pipes or valves can result in insufficient water pressure or flows.
  • Replace installed hoses if there are signs of leakages or cracks.
  • Inspectwater pumps for unusual noise and fix as soon as possible.
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