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World FM Day

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The facility management industry is incredibly proud of all that has been achieved. Facility management professionals have enabled businesses, governments and societies to function as efficiently and effectively as possible in situations. FM teams have played an important role in providing ready-made built environments, in keeping different sectors operational, and in facilitating digital platforms to ensure safety for all residents. Professions and industries have grown in stature due to their vital contribution to enabling essential services to stay afloat in a frequently closed world.

The World FM Day is an opportunity to tell the world about these achievements and what the industry intends to bring as we face the health and environmental challenges ahead. World FM Day has been observed Wednesday of the second full week in May.

The World FM Day is to recognize and celebrate the important work that workplace and facility managers and the industry as a whole contribute to business around the world. It aims to raise the profile of the facility management profession wherever those who practice it affect the health, safety, productivity and welfare of those using the built environment.

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History of the World FM Day

World FM Day, also known as the World Facility Management Day is an initiative of the Global FM.

World FM Day was observed on August 28, 2009. It was observed on the fourth Thursday in June from 2010 to 2013. It was observed on the first full Wednesday of June from 2014 to 2015. It was observed on July 13, 2016. It has been observed on Wednesday of the second full week in May since 2017.

The date of World FM Day is the second Wednesday of May each year. The reason for adopting this date is that following extensive research, it was identified that this week is clear of most international public and religious holidays. While the date selected reflects the Wednesday, it has become practice to encourage recognition of World FM Day on any day or period during that week, however the main ‘messaging’ occurs on the Wednesday.

The recognition of World FM Day has become celebrated more increasingly as each year passes. This is also the day the Global FM Awards are announced.

Celebrations vary in size and style. It may be a morning coffee with an FM team, an Association lunch or event, or held alongside a Conference or educational forum.

Purpose of the World FM Day

The foundation of World FM Day is to enable facility managers to:

  • Celebrate their successes.
  • Showcase what they do in, and for, their respective organization, clients and wider stakeholder groups.
  • Recognize facility managers’ efforts, outcomes and outputs amongst the stakeholder groups.
  • Provide the opportunity and platform for FM to promote the often invisible FM efforts that are not necessarily recognized.

World FM Day aims to raise the importance of global profile of the facility management profession.

From the largest office towers to industrial sites, from sports facilities to residential buildings, the FM profession touches nearly everyone, everywhere in some way.

World FM Day is a time when FM professionals take some time to reflect on their past accomplishments while many embrace the opportunity to connect with other facility managers to celebrate.

World FM Day is a day to share our experiences, promote our profession and most importantly celebrate our successes.

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Development of the World FM Day’s Themes

There is the need for the development of a specific theme each year, reflecting facility management issues of the day as identified by the World FM Day Task Group, as a call to action/reason to celebrate the work of facility managers. This enables others to learn more about FM and also for FMers to celebrate their profession or industry activities.

Logo of the World FM Day

To focus on the activities of the World FM Day, a base logo has been introduced and the theme is then superimposed on the base logo. This enables ‘brand’ consistency and builds a common recognition of World FM Day and its activities amongst participants.

When a theme has been identified and approved, it has been precedent to have the theme translated into a number of languages. This enables a broad use of the marketing collateral.


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