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Fire Safety

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Fire is used in homes for cooking, and in industry for production. Fire may also result in death, bodily injury, business and/or financial losses, environmental damage or property damage.

Fire safety has to do with protecting lives and properties from havoc that could occur as a result of fire. Fire outbreak will make our built environment unsafe.

Fire Notice, Lagos

Protection against fire is the measures taken in preventing, detecting and extinguishing fires. Fire needs three elements (heat, oxygen and fuel) to be present, this is known as the fire triangle.

Fire Call Point
Smoke Detector
Fire Exit Sign

Fire Safety Tips

Fire safety measures must be in place in other prevent fire and also to seamlessly fight fire in case there is a fire outbreak.

  • Maintaining a good housekeeping.
  • Install the right firefighting equipment for your building, the equipment that will fight fires that are mostly likely to breakout from your facilities.
  • Everyone should be trained on how to handle basic equipment like fire blankets, fire extinguishers, and conduct fire drill exercise at least twice a year.
  • It may be safe for you to tackle a small fire in the early stages with a fire blanket or a fire extinguisher, but if you are in doubt about whether you can tackle the fire safely without risk to yourself or others, leave it and get yourself and others to safety, close all windows and doors if safe to do so as you leave the building, and call the fire service immediately.
  • The most effective way to tackle a hot oil (chip pan) fire in the kitchen is to place a fire blanket on top of it to cut off the oxygen supply. In the absence of a fire blanket, soak a tea towel in water, wring it out, and then place it completely over the pan. Both of these methods break the fire triangle by removing oxygen.
  • Do not put water on a hot oil fire, because that can produce a massive fireball.Do not also use a fire extinguisher on a hot oil fire, a fire extinguisher can blast and spread the fire.
  • Restriction of smoking to designated low risk areas.
  • There should be emergency exit in our buildings, also install fire exit signs, muster point signs.
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