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IFMA Nigeria: Meet The Newly Elected Council Members

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  • Post last modified:September 30, 2022

IFMA Nigeria has elected a new executive council members that will pilot the affairs of the Association for the next two years till 2022.

IFMA Nigeria is an affiliate of the IFMA Worldwide-Facility management principles for the built environment.

IFMA membership is open to anyone actively engaged in the application, practice, teaching, and researching of facility management, its principles and techniques.

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Elected Council Members

The elected council members are:

President – Segun Adebayo

Vice President – Lekan Akinwumi

General Secretary – Sheriff Daramola

Assistant General Secretary – Bayo Owojori

Treasurer – Adeniyi Ifaturoti

Publicity Secretary – Sherifat Adeleye

The president elect, Mr. Segun Adebayo, who is now the eleventh president of the Association in his message to his colleagues said:

“My Dear Noble Colleagues,

On behalf of the newly elected members of the council, I want to thank you all for you support and very kind wishes.

As your elected Council members, we are committed to the growth and development of our great Association while we pledge to do all within our capacity to keep the flag flying.

Once again, we thank you and God bless us all.”

President - Segun Adebayo
Vice President - Lekan Akinwumi
General Secretary - Sheriff Daramola
Assistant General Secretary - Bayo Owojori
Treasurer - Adeniyi Ifaturoti
Publicity Secretary - Sherifat Adeleye
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