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IFMA: Facility Management Competency Areas

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The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) defines facility management as a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.

People, place, process and technology represent an organization’s physical workplace from which facility managers determine the requirements for a safe, healthy and productive workplace.

A successful facility management practice ensures that the organization’s workplace environment functions properly.

The three existing IFMA’s facility management credentials are:

  • Facility Management Professional (FMP);
  • Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP); and
  • Certified Facility Manager (CFM).

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Importance of Facility Management

  • Facility management plays an important role in supporting the employees.
  • Facility managementhelps increase employee productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Facility managementleads to improved financial outcomes.
  • Facility managementhelps attract and retain employees.

IFMA’s Global Job Task Analyses

To be a successful practitioner, individual needs a broad range of knowledge and skills. The IFMA’s global job task analyses (GJTA) identified 11 competency areas a facility manager must develop knowledge and skills in.

IFMA is committed to conducting periodic global job task analyses to ensure that the facility management body of knowledge encompasses current knowledge, best practices and trends in facility management.

Purpose of the GJTA

  • Develop and validate tasks and knowledge related to work performed by facility managers around the world.
  • Update test specifications for the Certified Facility Manager® examinatio
  • Obtain useful information that can guide educational and professional development initiatives.
  • Ensure that IFMA has up-to-date information about expected changes in facilitymanagers’ job roles; identify what is common to facility management in each region or country.

The IFMA’s GJTA identified 11 competency areas are

  1. Technology.
  2. Real Estate and Property Management.
  3. Quality.
  4. Human Factors.
  5. Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity.
  6. Communication.
  7. Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability.
  8. Leadership and Strategy.
  9. Finance and Business.
  10. Project Management.
  11. Operations and Maintenance.

The competencies differentiate a company from its competitors and also create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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