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ISO/TC 267 – Facility Management Technical Committee

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ISO/TC 267 is a technical committee formed within the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) responsible for the development of international standards to support the FM industry. Technical Committees comprise representatives of National Standards Bodies (NSB) which are members of ISO as well as stakeholders. This has led to publication of the ISO 41000 series of facility management standards.

Standards ensure consistency of essential features of goods and services, such as quality, ecology, safety, economy, reliability, compatibility, interoperability, efficiency and effectiveness. A standard is a document, established by a consensus of subject matter experts and approved by a recognized body that provides guidance. ISO standards come in two main categories, those that are intended as guidance (e.g. ISO 41012) and those with requirements (e.g. ISO 41001 – Management System Standard for FM with Requirements with guidance for use). These can then be adopted and translated by National Standards Bodies (NSB) for local use.


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  1. Stephen Ballesty

    I came across your ‘unofficial TC 267’ site by accident.
    Please contact me if you would like to know how to be involved with ISO/TC 267 officially, and contribute to our AG2 Communications strategy.
    Stephen Ballesty
    ISO/TC 267 AG2 Convenor

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