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Association of Facilities Management Practitioners, Nigeria (AFMPN): The Nigeria FM Initiative

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Welcome to the Association of Facility Management Practitioners, Nigeria (AFMPN).


The purpose of the Association will be to provide a national platform for the promotion and continuous development of Facility Management in Nigeria as well as a platform to drive the contribution of facility management to national development through leveraging international partnerships, standards and best practices in the development of relevant local standards. The Association will work with various stakeholders, affiliate organisations, similar bodies, associated professional bodies and international FM organisations to achieve the stated purpose.


To be the reference point for everything facility management in Nigeria.


To make Facility Management a major driver of the Nigerian economy.


Good Representation: Represent the interest of all professional facility managers and companies practicing in the industry.

Voice of The Nigerian FM: Be the voice of the Nigerian FM industry through advocacy.

Influence Government Policies: Influence government policies related to infrastructure design, development & management.

Fostering Partnership: Work with the Nigerian FM Industry regulatory body (when created) to ensure practitioners, companies, developers adhere to standards.

Support Professional Development: Support professional development of members of all cadres.

Partnering With Universities in Nigeria: Work with Universities in Nigeria to promote the development, learning and research on Facility Management.

Conduct Surveys and Research Projects: Conduct surveys and research projects for reliable industry data and become the source and validator for all industry data and information.

Organize conferences and seminars: Organize conferences and seminars to promote knowledge and development in the industry.

Reward Excellence: Reward excellence in the industry through awards and recognitions.



Address: Suite 208, HRDC Building, University of Lagos Main Campus, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.


PAUL: +2348134401177
OLUMIDE: +234860009599

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