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Service Quality in Facility Management

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Quality of services being rendered is one area facility managers need to pay great attention to because when done properly, it will save cost and time, enhance productivity, improve customers’ satisfaction, and ensure our built environment is functional and safe for all users.

What Quality looks like in the FM world

  • Visually clean and well maintained buildings
  • A healthy balance sheet
  • Work processes that are in alignment with strategic directions
  • Work processes that deliver consistent and effectiveoperational outcomes
  • An empowered and committed workforce committed to serviceexcellence
  • Effective FM monitoring and auditing tools assessingoperational performance
  • IT infrastructure that is scalable, implementable, and fullysupports the FM operations
  • Compliance with building, safety, and fire codes and applicablelegislation

FM Quality Measurement

  • Reduction in frequency of re-work
  • Reduction in customer’s complaint
  • Increased commendations
  • Improvement in process efficiency
  • Number of initiatives introduced
  • Reduction in mean-time-between failures (MTBF)
  • Increased customer satisfaction index
  • Employee job satisfaction levels
  • Building users productivity

Factors Influencing FM Quality Improvement

External Factors:

  • Weather and Climate
  • Natural disasters (floods, monsoons, earthquakes)
  • Political, economic, and social stability
  • Age and gender demographics
  • Geographical considerations (elevation, closeness to water sources)
  • Rural verses Urban considerations
  • Distance to Suppliers
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Job demographics

Internal Factors:

  • Building Age and Condition
  • Age, gender, and pay scales of employees
  • Presence of unions
  • Building design (open windows, atriums)
  • Age, number, and working condition of FM equipment
  • Employee work schedules
  • Evidence of employee training
  • Ratio of supervisor to front line employees
  • Your Boss’s expectations and performance standards

Benchmarking Methodology

  • Identify key performance indicators.
  • Measure performance of company’s facility operations: Best-in-class facilityperformance – Compare – Own performance.
  • Determine which functions/processes to benchmark.
  • Identify companies with which to benchmark.
  • Collect data.
  • Compare/analyze and determine performance gap.
  • Develop improvement action plans.
  • Implement and monitor success.

Reference: Max-Migold given back series on FM Service Quality

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