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IFMA: Competency #8 – Leadership and Strategy

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Leadership and Strategy is one of the eleven competency areas as identified by the International Facility Management Association’s global job task analyses.

What is Leadership and Strategy?

Leadership is the act of directing, guiding, managing, making informed and timely decisions or supervising. Strategy is a plan of action or policy that works toward a major or overall goal.

Why is Leadership and Strategy important?

  • Leadership and strategy provide guidance to stakeholders and influence key decisions.
  • Strategy provides an overall plan to achieve a desired goal.

How the Leadership and Strategy competency helps the Facility Manager

  • Provide guidance to staff and service providers.
  • Develop strategies to execute major initiatives.
  • Influence decisions and attitudes of the organization’s leaders, occupants, government officials, suppliers and community leaders.
  • Align the facility management strategy with the organization’s overall strategy.


  1. Influence the facility organization to search for and adopt best practices. Influence by best practice, benchmarking status and customer satisfaction.
  2. Promote facility management needs and priorities. Think of what the customer needs and make these needs necessary and available.
  3. Implement policies and procedures for the facility organization.
  4. Organize and staff the facility management team.
  5. Manage supplier relationships.
  6. Assess what services are needed to meet business requirements.
  7. Provide performance feedback to your staff consistently. An annual performance appraisal should be a summary of what you have been talking about all year long without any surprises.

The Competency Areas

All the 11 competency areas are:

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